2017 Thanksgiving Celebration and Dinner

November 24 | 2017
Thanksgiving Group Photo

On Nov 23, Burlington Agape Community Church held Thanksgiving Celebration and Dinner. The members and attendees had a time of appreciating God’s kindness and had fellowship with each other.

This event starts with the Thanksgiving celebration which includes praises, Bible readings, and testimonies. And then they had dinner and fellowship, after which some stayed for a group activity.

During the bible reading session, they read four psalms, Psalm 23, 65, 67 and 103, which are all about being thanksgiving to God. Four people read them in English and four Chinese read them in their language. And the bible reading ends with “Bless the Lord, O my soul!”

After the Bible reading, they had a quiet time of prayer and remembering God’s kindness and then the attendees shared their gratitude.