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  • Lent – A Season of Spiritual Renewal

    Why do we celebrate Lent? Lent originally was a training period for baptismal candidates who were required to fast, and then it became a period of self-abasement and repentance for the Catholic church and some traditions. Many people would fast or give up some certain things. However, we understand more than what we do, it should be about what Christ did. And it should be a spiritual period to meditate on the passion of Christ deeply and experience spiritual renewal. The church invited members to participate in this 40-day spiritual journey, using “The Cross of Christ” daily devotional material.

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  • February 7 | 2019
    2019 Chinese New Year Celebration

    On February 4, Agape Community Church held a Chinese New Year event. Church members, international students and some families from the community came and celebrated it together. It started with a short introduction on Chinese new year and the church event by the minister. After giving thanks to God’s blessings in the past year and this coming year, they had a family meal together. During the event, each person also took a bible verse blessing card of the year. Thanks to God for the blessings to everyone!

  • December 25 | 2018
    Christmas Eve Service

    At 4 PM on December 24, Agape Community Church held Christmas Eve Service to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. After the service, they had a fellowship dinner together. The church also prepared gifts for kids — toddler’s bible for the little ones and kid’s bible for the older ones. The church members are very thankful for God’s work in the heart of the believers and seekers. 

  • November 23 | 2018
    Thanksgiving Celebration and Dinner

    On November 22, Burlington Agape Community Church held the Thanksgiving Celebration and Dinner. Many regular comers and newcomers gathered to sing praises, read the Scripture and share their gratitude. The Thanksgiving celebration event started with a thanksgiving introduction video which emphasizes the true meaning of Thanksgiving is to give thanks to God and have peace with each other. Then they had five worship songs, read four Psalms from the Bible related to giving thanks, and shared their gratitude. During the sharing session, many people testified how God is with them in all kinds of circumstances and challenges and they are so thankful for what God did in their lives. The church members are very thankful that God could use them…